Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Senior English--10/3/2012

Jump Off
--Pick up a copy of the “Self-Evaluation—Plan for Success” packet from the front table.  I will be around with a progress report pertaining to the first five weeks of the year, and then I will give some direction for how to appropriately complete the task at hand.

S. the C.
--directions given for completing self-evaluation

Self-Evaluation – Quarter 1—Five Weeks
--complete the self-evaluation as directed

Transition – submit self-evaluations/take out notebooks, date the page, and label the page “Author Information—Paulo Coelho and Robert Herrick"

Listening Activity – Paulo Coelho and Robert Herrick
--information about the nature of literature/authorial purpose
--as Mr. Martin reads aloud information about each author, jot down notes in notebook—what is “worth” writing down?
--reiterate author information by sharing out
--engage in brief discussion as per this question: How do the lives of these authors inform what they have written?

Transition -- come up to the front of the classroom and pick up a quarter sheet of paper--read the directions on the sheet, and complete the task at hand quietly and independently

Review Activity -- The Alchemist
--prior to reviewing, Mr. Martin shares the format of the exam and a sample short answer response
--"Snowball Toss"--throw wadded up slip of paper at Santiago's "treasure"--discuss
--draw card:
  • snowball up--determine lie--explain (+1)
  • place a significant event, location, etc. on the map (+1)
  • throw wadded up slip of paper in the garbage (+1)

--If you are dissatisfied with your current performance in Senior English class, set a goal for improvement—make your future happen!
--If your card was not drawn during class today, feel free to see Mr. Martin during his office hours in order to participate.
--Continue preparing for The Alchemist novel exam, which will take place next class (purposeful reading notes, author background notes, notes from review activity—what else?).