Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Senior English--10/25/2012

 Jump Off
--Pick up the rubric sheet from the front table.  After reading through the rubric together, we will use the rubrics to critique and discuss two sample essays.
--If you have not already done so, turn in your The Alchemist book by placing it on the front table.  Take out all Post-its (which you should save!).

S. the C.
--agenda/HW (take out your notebook, date the page [10/25/2012], and write down this prompt):   
  • The single, most important “thing” that we must accomplish today is ____________________ because ____________________.
LET’S FIND THE “CORE” OF TODAY’S LESSON! (Jot responses in notebook.)
--share out

Activity #1 -- Critiquing and Discussion of Sample Essays

--read first sample essay (non-Livonia)--complete rubric independently--share out via drawing of cards
--read second sample essay (Livonia)--complete rubric independently--share out via drawing of cards

Activity #2 -- "Quick Comma Help" Mini-Lesson

--complete as per information written up on the front board (on PowerPoint slide for Rm. 200)

Transition -- pick up the "College Admission/Job Interview/Military Essay Interactive Rubric" and "Graphs for Sentence Length" sheets from the front table

Activity #3 -- Essay Revisions

--look through the sheets together--Mr. Martin models use of sheets with sample essay from earlier in class
--set the parameters for classroom environment during work block--brainstorm goals as a class (Before class ends, I should…)--set a personal goal
--work block!
--Reminder: This assignment will be included within your Writing Portfolios (anyone have binder to hand in?).

--Engage in self-reflection as per S. the C. prompt responses.

On the Way Out
--If you're interested, pick up the packet of tips for establishing voice in your writing.

--Final essays are due at the beginning of next class PRINTED OUT.  Do not settle for less than your best work.  Mr. Martin has office hours availability between now and then!

--Make sure to bring your vocabulary book on Monday--Mr. Martin will not allow you to go to your locker if you forget.