Monday, October 1, 2012

English 9--10/2/2012

Jump Off 
--Today in the library, I need to check annotated sources from each and every one of you (unless I already did so last class).  Make sure that you have these items ready and available.

S. the C.
--go over goals for library time (listed below)

--It is imperative that today, like last time we went to the library, you remain focused and on task.  You should have a good chunk of time today to work on both your Works Cited page and your one-page sheet--MAKE SURE TO ASK FOR HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT!  Let me remind you again that our classroom consequences are in play regardless of our workspace.

Transition -- head to the library


Your goals for today are to:
1.  to establish a high school NoodleBib account.
2.  to create and PRINT a correct Works Cited page that includes a citation for each of your sources/pictures.
3.  submit one copy of your finalized (in Microsoft Word) Works Cited page to Mr. Martin.  If you do not finish, your Works Cited page is due at the beginning of next class.  NoodleBib is web-based, so you can work on finishing up at home so long as you have internet access.
4.  work on creating your one-page sheet--don't forget to include parenthetical references!  Print out the rough draft of your one-page sheet and bring it to class next time.

--Finish any items related to the goals that you did not achieve today.