Friday, October 26, 2012

Senior English--10/29/2012

Jump Off
--Submit the final copy of your College Admission/Job Interview/Military Essay.  You do not need to turn in any of your rough drafts, editing materials, etc.  Mr. Martin is expecting excellence and excited to read your work!
--Open your vocabulary book to page 28.  Look through the list of words, and put a star next to all of the words that you are pretty confident about knowing already.

S. the C.

--agenda/HW (while Mr. Martin shares the agenda, consider what is essential and why [like we've been doing with the prompts])  
--share out

Instruction -- Vocabulary Unit #2

--go over Unit #2 word list--STUDY TIP: Write an easy-to-remember synonym underneath each word (Mr. Martin models) 
--What is an incentive plan?--share Unit #1 class average/discuss growth incentive plan
--brainstorm study strategies together as a class--Mr. Martin models on the front board
--for HW, begin preparing for the Unit #2 assessment--review next class (time permitting)--assessment on Friday

Introduction/"Setting the Table" -- Tuesdays with Morrie

--discuss The Alchemist quotation posted on the front board--look back at notebook definition of Carpe Diem--how does this quotation "fit"?
--note elements of Carpe Diem that we have yet to address--link to Tuesdays with Morrie
--share reflective notes as per student suggestions following The Alchemist--our approach to Tuesdays with Morrie will be based on these reflections
--What is our purpose in reading Tuesdays with Morrie?
--go over available options for purposeful reading

--Pick up a copy of Tuesdays with Morrie from the front of the classroom.
--Students who have not yet turned in a copy of The Alchemist will not be able to sign out a copy of Tuesdays with Morrie when it comes time to take the novel home.
--Pick up materials for your preferred method of purposeful reading.

Oral Reading -- Tuesdays with Morrie
--share pre-reading background information slide
--engage in purposeful reading via preferred method as preparation for follow-up discussion

--Look through your purposeful reading notes and PICK YOUR DEFINITE CONTRIBUTION!
--Form a circle out of the desks.

Discussion -- Tuesdays with Morrie
--ice breaker first (if time)
--Reminder: "Discussion Contribution Rating Scale"

--draw cards--all students make initial contributions--Mr. Martin jots ideas on the board
--engage in "free-flowing" discussion until a few minutes remain in class
--Mr. Martin answers a few questions

--Re-row the desks/return books.

--Engage in self-reflection as per S. the C. prompt responses.

--Begin preparing for the Unit #2 assessment--review next class (time permitting)--assessment on Friday.