Wednesday, October 31, 2012

English 10 Honors--11/1/2012

Jump Off
--Pick up your essay from last class from the front table.  After the "S. the C." portion of the agenda, you will have a little bit more time to finish your work.

S. the C.
--information about time as it pertains to the English Regents--share reflections

On-Demand Writing (cont.) -- Regents Part 4
--Mr. Martin projects picture of helpful information from last class
--essays re-collected approximately 15 minutes into class

Transition -- pick up the "Perrine's Story and Structure--'Reading the Story' (pgs. 3-9)" sheet and the book from the front table

Activity -- Commercial vs. Literary Fiction
--read through italicized directions from sheet together
--oral reading--engage in purposeful reading as preparation for follow-up discussion (distinguishing between two types of fiction/analyze our course works thus far through this lens)

Transition -- form a circle

Discussion -- Commercial vs. Literary Fiction

--engage in discussion as per the two topics listed above
--transition into information about the Short Story Unit
--hand out "Short Story Analysis Sheet" and "Independent Reading/Summary Assignment"--take a look

Transition -- re-row desks

HW time

--Complete short story reading, analysis, and summary as instructed via the two handouts received in class today.
--Make sure to bring your vocabulary book on Monday--Mr. Martin will not allow you to go to your locker if you forget.