Wednesday, October 31, 2012

English 9--11/1/2012

Jump Off
--Please pick up the assessment from the front table.  You have the first three minutes of class to complete the assessment.  Make sure to carefully read the directions first.  Good luck!

S. the C.


Transition -- quizzes in/close reading packets back up

Close Reading Activity (cont.) -- The Cyclopes Adventure (Book Nine)
--Mr. Martin finishes up the model from last class

--complete close reading sheet as directed--good luck!

Transition -- turn in packets after time is up (highlight)/pick up a lit. book and the chart page--Mr. Martin writes down lit. book numbers

Note-Taking and Summarizing Activity -- Book Ten: The Grace of the Witch and Book Twelve: Sea Perils and Defeat

--take a look at Book Nine close reading questions for the purpose of analysis of topics (like we did last class with the quiz)--engage in discussion to wrap up Book Nine as per the close reading questions
--reminder of purpose while reading Book Ten and Book Twelve
--point out "Food for Thought" written on front board--bear these statements in mind during the reading as well
--oral reading of Book Ten and Book Twelve--Mr. Martin models note-taking/summarizing (remember our reflections following the quiz last class about topics!)--students carefully complete note-taking/summarizing task
--FYI: One of the goals of this unit is to practice and improve note-taking skills, so we will use these charts often and reflect on our note-taking abilities throughout the reading of the epic.
--discuss notes/"Food for Thought" together--what's our purpose?

Closure -- One of my important notes is...

--Finish/review notes for Book Ten and Twelve (whatever we do not finish today in class)--a fairly challenging quiz will take place next class pertaining to these books.
--Reminder: The epic can be found at the following web address if you ever need access to the story outside of the classroom:
--Continue reviewing (and adding to, if necessary) your "Greek Mythology Presentation Notes" page, as an upcoming assessment similar to the one that you took today is forthcoming!

--Make sure to bring your vocabulary book on Monday--Mr. Martin will not allow you to go to your locker if you forget.