Wednesday, October 3, 2012

English 10 Honors--10/4/2012

Jump Off
--Pick up an index card from the front table.  Write your name at the top of the index card on the lined side.  After the “S. the C.” portion of the agenda, you will complete the “Missing comma after an introductory element” assessment as directed.

S. the C.

Assessment -- The Grammar Hammer—“Missing comma after an introductory element”
--complete the assessment as directed
*When finished, go ahead and get started on the note-taking task (see “Transition” below).

--quiz in/notebooks out/jot notes in notebook (“Style”/“Hemingway’s Style”)
--form a circle

Brain Break/Teambuilder -- Unique Peer Essays
--read aloud--3-6 essays

Discussion -- TOMatS up to the end
--anyone need a reminder of the protocol/rating scale?
--engage in discussion as per protocol:
*Quick-writes from several blocks back (“unlucky”)
*The basics (characters, setting, conflict, etc.)
*Christological figure
*Hero as a literary term
*Hemingway's writing style—any “proof passages”?
*Connections to The Contender
*Hemingway Code/Hemingway Code Hero

Transition – re-row desks

Closure -- "Today, I learned..." 
--you must: 

  • properly use two vocabulary words and 
  • underline the introductory element in your first sentence
  • label the subject/verb of your first sentence

--Prepare for The Old Man and the Sea Novella Exam, which will take place next class.
--Enjoy the long weekend!