Tuesday, October 23, 2012

English 9--10/24/2012

Jump Off 
--Clear your desks of all but a pencil in preparation for the exam that is about to take place.  If you need a pencil, see Mr. Martin at the front table.

S. the C.
--directions for after the exam

Assessment  -- NYS ELA Pilot Exam
--after 40 minutes, you must submit the exam--if you finish early, set your exam to the side and begin work on the following:
  • Review for the Unit #2 vocabulary assessment as per the methods brainstormed last class--the assessment will take place at the beginning of class on Friday. 
  • Finish the "Book One: Invocation Close Reading" sheet if you have not done so already--turn the sheet in by placing it on the front table before leaving class today.   
  • Turn in literature book if you took one home following last class. 
--once everyone has finished the exam, we will view a little bit of the film version of The Odyssey as a "brain break".

--Finish preparing for the Unit #2 vocabulary quiz, which will take place on Friday (next class).  Good luck--we could use some Diction Doctors in Rm. 100!
--A fairly challenging quiz will take place on Tuesday of next week pertaining to the following: unit terms (e.g., epic), background about Homer, "The Judgment of Paris", and Books One and Nine of The Odyssey--make sure to review/finish notes for Book Nine if we do not finish together in class on Friday.  Also, you should look over the charts picked up on Monday prior to class on Friday so that you have a sense of what's coming.
--Reminder: The epic can be found at the following web address if you ever need access to the story outside of the classroom: http://glacierpeak.sno.wednet.edu/teachers/gjordan/docs/Odyssey%20Unit/Odysseypartone.pdf
--Continue reviewing (and adding to, if necessary) your "Greek Mythology Presentation Notes" page, as an upcoming assessment similar to the one that you have already taken is forthcoming!  This assessment will not take place this week, however.