Tuesday, October 23, 2012

English 9--10/26/2012

Jump Off
--Pick up the vocabulary quiz from the front table.  Complete the quiz quietly and independently.  Good luck!
*When finished, take out your "Standards Focus: Note-Taking and Summarizing" sheets that you picked up two classes ago.  Take a look through the sheets as preparation for today's work with Book Nine of The Odyssey until all are finished taking the quiz.
*Mr. Martin returns "Greek Mythology Quiz/Book One and Book Nine Anticipation"

S. the C.
--agenda/HW (take out your notebook, date the page [10/26/2012], and write down this prompt):   
  • The single, most important “thing” that we must accomplish today is ____________________ because ____________________.
LET’S FIND THE “CORE” OF TODAY’S LESSON! (Jot responses in notebook.)
--share out
--trade and grade
--return quizzes to rightful owners--Mr. Martin collects

Transition -- lit. book up
Note-Taking and Summarizing Activity -- Book Nine: New Coasts and Poseidon's Son
--discuss the front of sheet with text--what's the deal?
--flip the sheet over and purposefully read together--what's our purpose?
--point out "Food for Thought" written on front board--bear these statements in mind during the reading as well
--oral reading of Book Nine--students carefully complete note-taking/summarizing task using blank chart page
--FYI: One of the goals of this unit is to practice and improve note-taking skills, so we will use these charts often and reflect on our note-taking abilities throughout the reading of the epic.
--Transition--form a circle
--discuss notes/"Food for Thought" together--what's our purpose?

--Engage in self-reflection as per S. the C. prompt responses.

Brain Break -- Mum Ball

--A fairly challenging quiz will take place next class pertaining to the following: unit terms (e.g., epic), background about Homer, "The Judgment of Paris", and Books One and Nine of The Odyssey--make sure to review/finish notes for Book Nine if we do not finish together in class today
--Reminder: The epic can be found at the following web address if you ever need access to the story outside of the classroom: http://glacierpeak.sno.wednet.edu/teachers/gjordan/docs/Odyssey%20Unit/Odysseypartone.pdf
--Continue reviewing (and adding to, if necessary) your "Greek Mythology Presentation Notes" page, as an upcoming assessment similar to the one that you have already taken is forthcoming!