Monday, October 1, 2012

English 10 Honors--10/2/2012

Jump Off
--Take out "The Simple Sentence" grammar-related packet from a few classes ago--look at your responses for the sentences written up on the front board.

S. the C.

Instruction -- The Grammar Hammer—“Missing comma after an introductory element”
--go over some sentences from "The Simple Sentence" packet together--link to Parts of Speech work from earlier in the course
--Transition -- pick up the "Missing comma after an introductory element" packet from the front table--read instructions/complete PRACTICE
--model rule/tips
--go over PRACTICE
--for HW, prepare for "Missing comma after an introductory element" assessment—you must really “know your way around” this error and fixing it in order to be successful on said assessment

Transition -- form a circle/pick up the “Literature Terms Notes/Ernest Hemingway Author Background” sheet from the front table

Brain Break/Teambuilder -- Unique Peer Essays
--read aloud--3-6 essays
--Mr. Martin hands back "Vocabulary Unit #1 Quiz"/"The Contender Novel Exam"

Discussion -- TOMatS up to the end
--take note of incorrect vocabulary words--place scored quizzes in the middle of the circle when finished
--take a look at a few exemplary short answer responses from “The Contender Novel Exam”—consider implications with regard to the “TOMatS Novel Exam”
--complete the “L.T.N./E.H.A.B.” sheet as directed
--anyone need a reminder of the protocol/rating scale?
--engage in discussion as per protocol:
*Quick-writes from a few blocks back (“unlucky”)
*The basics (characters, setting, conflict, etc.)
*Christological figure
*Hero as a literary term
*Hemingway's writing style—any “proof passages”?
*Connections to The Contender
*Hemingway Code/Hemingway Code Hero
Transition – re-row desks

Closure -- "Today, I learned..." (must properly use two vocabulary words and label the subject/verb of your first sentence)

--Prepare for the "Missing comma after an introductory element" assessment, which will take place next class.
--Prepare for The Old Man and the Sea Novella Exam (the class after next)--YES, YOU’VE BEEN GIVEN AN EXTENSION! :)