Monday, October 22, 2012

Senior English--10/23/2012

--While working today, remember to:
  • Stay on task in order to maximize your productivity (good practice for college!).
  • Align your work with the categories listed on the assignment sheet under "Grading Process" (Realize this: The highest score one can get on the assignment with ten or more conventions errors [and everything else absolutely perfect] is an 83%)--this assignment will be included within your Writing Portfolios (anyone have a binder to hand in?).
  • Use the eight items listed on the assignment sheet under "Procedure" as a checklist.
  • "The lists" picked up at the end of last class are awesome--it would be in your best interest to align your writing with the items on these lists as well.
  • Know that Mr. Martin, Mrs. Hooker, and Ms. Torrey are available for help!
Please turn in your The Alchemist books while in the library today.  Take out all Post-its (which you should save!).

--Essays are due at the beginning of next class PRINTED OUT.  Do not settle for less than your best work.  Mr. Martin has office hours availability between now and then!
--The following website is pretty helpful!: