Wednesday, October 10, 2012

English 9--10/12/2012

Jump Off
--Pick up a copy of the sheet entitled "Greek Mythology Presentation Notes" and a BINGO board from the front table.  At your desk, read the directions at the top of the "Greek Mythology Presentations Notes" page.  Then, wait for Mr. Martin to give further directions.

S. the C.
--directions given for how to fill in BINGO boards (unit word + "helper" word)--MODEL
--take care of any project preparation measures to save us time later (e.g., scanning in posters) while filling in BINGO boards--feel free to check your vocabulary homework using the "Teacher's Edition" located on the front table!

Presentations/Notetaking -- Greek Mythology Projects
--share the "Greek Mythology Presentations Protocol" from PowerPoint slide
--any other tips/advisement desired prior to first presentation?
--deliver presentations as per the protocol 

Transition -- pick up a highlighter from the basket on the front table

Review -- Vocabulary Unit #1 BINGO
--share "how to win" boards
--play 0-5 games (depending on time)--+1 bonus to winners

Looking Ahead
--talk about format of upcoming vocabulary quiz (next class!)

--The quiz for Unit #1 will take place next class--review! (What study strategies have brought you success in the past?)
--practice, practice, practice!--we will finish Greek Mythology Project presentations next class as per the established order--Mr. Martin is still excited and expecting excellence! :)