Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Senior English--10/11/2012

Jump Off
--Clear your desk of all but a writing utensil in preparation for The Alchemist Novel Exam.

S. the C.
--modeling by Mr. Martin for the "Looking Ahead" portion of the agenda

Assessment -- The Alchemist Novel Exam
--exam directions read--bolded items highlighted--scrap paper "talked up"--exams handed out
--when finished, turn in exam--take out your notebook, date the page (10/11/2012), and write the following question: "Who Am I?"

Looking Ahead -- College Admission/Job Interview/Military Essay--Getting Started
--until everyone is finished with the exam, brainstorm as per the question above via quick-writing, free-association, webbing/chaining, etc. (preferably, a combination of ALL of this methods!)
--if time, pick up and take a look at the writing assignment sheet

--If, as part of your college application process, you must complete a college admission essay, bring the actual admission essay questions from which you have to choose to class next time.

--Enjoy the weekend!