Friday, October 19, 2012

English 10 Honors--10/22/2012

Jump Off
--Open your vocabulary book to page 28.  Look through the list of words, and put a star next to all of the words that you are pretty confident about knowing already.

S. the C.

--agenda/HW (prior to reading of the agenda, take out your notebook, date the page [10/22/2012], and write down these two prompts)--Mr. Martin shares a brief anecdote:       
  • If we do nothing else during today’s class, we must ____________________.
  • The single, most important “thing” that we must accomplish today is ____________________.
LET’S FIND THE “CORE” OF TODAY’S LESSON! (Jot responses in notebook.)
--share out

Instruction -- Vocabulary Unit #2

--go over Unit #2 word list (page 28) and five "Whimsical Words"
--complete the Synonyms and Antonyms (page 32) quietly and independently--work on additional exercises if waiting for peers to finish up--while you are working, Mr. Martin will come around and hand back your The Old Man and the Sea Novella Exams.
--go over the answers to Syn./Ant.

--brainstorm study strategies together as a class--Mr. Martin models on the front board
--for HW, begin preparing for the Unit #2 assessment--make sure to familiarize yourself with the "Whimsical Words"--review next class (time permitting)--assessment on Friday

Novella Closure -- The Old Man and the Sea
--discuss common comments given for question 36 and 37
--set test aside for a little bit--we'll come back to question 39!

Instruction -- Writing Literary Analysis Essays
--What is literary analysis?  (Create a personalized definition in your notebook underneath your notes from earlier in class.)
--whole-class discussion--work through creation of a definition on the front board--go deep (word-by-word, no use of original words in definition, etc.)!
--What is a literary analysis essay?
--whole-class discussion--add to our definition as it pertains to an essay
--Based on your understanding of what a literary analysis is, brainstorm a viable literary analysis essay topic for T.O.M.a.t.S.--jot your topic down in your notebook
--share out 
--take a look at question 39 of the T.O.M.a.t.S. exam--what do we have here?
--take out your The Contender exam and look at question 33--what do we have here?
--read essay topic aloud (T.C. and T.O.M.a.t.S.)--what do we have here?
--begin discussing an approach 
--Predict the future: Where do you think we're headed next?

Brain Break -- Mum Ball

--Engage in self-reflection as per S. the C. prompt responses.

--Begin preparing for the Unit #2 assessment--make sure to familiarize yourself with the “Whimsical Words”--review next class (time permitting)--assessment on Friday.

--Be working on revisions of the Unique Peer Writing Assignment for your Writing Portfolio.  I hope to have some submissions this week!