Thursday, October 11, 2012

English 10 Honors--10/12/2012

Jump Off 
--If you have not yet read your Unique Peer Essay aloud to the class, come up to the front table and get the essay from Mr. Martin.

S. the C. 
--information about "Grammar Hammer" shared:

  • Missing comma after an introductory element assessments returned
  • Take a look at exemplars from PowerPoint slide
  • Talk about expectation of mastery once we've spent two days on an error (future writing assignment accountability)--is this realistic?
  • "Grammar Hammer Extras" as an intervention--point out area/folders--discuss the "how" 
  • FYI: We will engage in cumulative review exercises as well as we move through our "Grammar Hammer" work! 
--grab refreshments
--form a circle

Brain Break/Teambuilder -- Unique Peer Essays/Community Circle
--finish oral reading of essays
--continue with Cares, Concerns, Compliments, and Celebrations 

--Feel free to work with materials from the "Grammar Hammer Extras" area if you have yet to master our first error.
--Enjoy the weekend!