Thursday, October 18, 2012

Senior English--10/19/2012

Jump Off 
--Pick up the vocabulary quiz and complete the quiz quietly.  Good luck!
--When you finish, put the quiz on the floor next to your desk.  Take out your College Admission/Job Interview/Military Essay.  Read back through your work with this question in mind: What personal qualities about myself have I conveyed so far in what I have written?

S. the C.
--share information about “Diction Doctor” status--trade and grade--reflect; quizzes collected
--agenda/HW (prior to reading of the agenda, take out your notebook, date the page [10/19/2012], and write down these two prompts)--Mr. Martin shares a brief anecdote:        
  • If we do nothing else during today’s class, we must ____________________.
  • The single, most important “thing” that we must accomplish today is ____________________.
LET’S FIND THE “CORE” OF TODAY’S LESSON! (Jot responses in notebook.)
--share out

Writing Workshop -- College Admission/Job Interview/Military Essay
--Would any brave souls care to share?  (Mr. Martin will collect, scramble, and read aloud so as to “take the edge off” if you’d like!)
--Discuss shared introductions through the lens of “pros and grows”.
--Trade your quick write with someone nearby.  Then, read the quick write that you have in front of you.  Your purpose is to answer this question: What do you learn about the author of your essay based on what you have read?  Write your answer(s) to this question underneath the quick write, and return the quick write to your partner when you have finished.  Remember that your essay must have a point; it’s meant to convey your personality qualities in a manner that an application simply cannot.  Have you begun conveying your qualities already?  If not, how might you do so throughout the rest of your essay?
--Transition--pick up “the lists” from the front table
--Share/discuss “the lists” via PowerPoint slides--how can you listen purposefully?
--Use rubric categories from assignment sheet/information from “the lists” to critique a sample essay.
--Set parameters for classroom environment during work block--brainstorm goals as a class (Before class ends, I should…)--set a personal goal.
--Work block!
--Reminder: This assignment will be included within your Writing Portfolios (anyone have binder to hand in?).

--Engage in self-reflection as per S. the C. prompt responses.

--Next class, we will head to the library for a work block.  Mrs. Hooker and Ms. Torrey will be joining us and sharing some helpful information prior to setting you free to work on college applications, typing your essays, etc.—YAY!
*bring flashdrive and all essay-related papers, notes, etc. to maximize your productivity
--Essays are due at the beginning of class on 10/25/2012 (the class after next).
--The following website is pretty helpful!: