Wednesday, October 17, 2012

English 9--10/18/2012

Jump Off
--Take out your "Greek Mythology Presentation Notes" page.  We have a few more presentations to finish up today.

S. the C.

Presentations/Notetaking -- Greek Mythology Projects
--quick reminder about the "Greek Mythology Presentations Protocol"
--deliver remaining presentations as per the protocol
--As Mr. Martin organizes his materials, independently study your "Greek Mythology Presentation Notes" page, as an assessment is forthcoming.

Transition -- clear your desk of all but a writing utensil

Assessment -- Greek Mythology Quiz/Book One and Book Nine Anticipation
--Mr. Martin reads directions aloud and models with a question about Lord Helios
--complete the assessment (three and three)--when finished, flip over--turn in after six by passing assessments forward
--go over the assessment responses to fulfill purpose of anticipating the upcoming reading (we're finally starting our reading of The Odyssey today!)

Transition -- pick up the "Book One: Invocation Close Reading" sheet and a literature book from the front table/front of the classroom

Close Reading Activity -- Book One: Invocation 
--purposefully read through the directions together--what is our purpose in reading the directions?
--open your copy of the literature book to page 894
--students select a question for Mr. Martin to complete as a model--majority rules!
--complete close reading sheet as directed--good luck!

--submit your carefully completed "Book One: Invocation Close Reading" sheet--Mr. Martin wants nothing less than your best work!

--Continue reviewing (and adding to, if necessary) your "Greek Mythology Presentation Notes" page, as an upcoming assessment similar to today's is forthcoming!
--If you did not finish the "Book One: Invocation Close Reading" sheet, finish it and bring it next class for submission.  Visit the following link so that you do not have to bring a literature book home:
--Make sure to bring your vocabulary book on Monday--Mr. Martin will not allow you to go to your locker if you forget.