Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Senior English--9/21/2012

Jump Off
--Clear your desks of all but your notebook and a writing utensil.  Date the page (9/21/2012) and label this section of your notes “Letter to a B Student".  Then, respond to each of these questions in a sentence or two--be prepared to share:
  • What are your grades like?
  • What do your grades say about you?
As you think/write, I will be around to hand back your finalized 100 Goals Lists.

S. the C.
--HW policy: It's for real--referrals have been inputted!
  • The one-day-late scenario
  • Mailbox (ugg...), podium (ugg...), my chair (ugg...)--solutions?
--100 Goals: some final thoughts from Mr. Martin (a call to action, information about happiness [connection back to Day 1], Mr. Martin's experience)

Purposeful Reading Activity -- "Letter to a B Student"
--discuss pre-reading questions (cards used if necessary)--pairs first?
--Transition--pick up a copy of "Letter to a B Student" from the front table
--Our Purpose:
*determine Robert Oliphant's purpose/point/thesis and support our interpretation
*connect the reading to anything/everything we've done so far in Senior English:
  • The "Why Are You Here?" sequence (Day 1)
  • The WANTED posters
  • Mr. Martin's Non-Negotiable Expectations and Procedures
  • Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist up to page 123
  • The Counselor Lesson (Senior information, transcript analysis, etc.)
  • The 100 Goals Assignment
  • "Treating Life as a Video Game"
  • Bright Futures Writing Assignment
--while reading, take purposeful notes right on the source itself--remember that your purposeful reading notes drive our discussions!
--engage in "deep" discussion

Writing Workshop -- Bright Futures
--How does this "fit" with our discussion from today?
  • Capitalization in subject line (NoodleBib!)
  • Reread the assignment sheet on your own time!
  • Did you brainstorm?
  • Go beyond English class (rereading the assignment sheet should remind you of your purpose!)
  • "tell, in...detail...the story" (again, reread the assignment sheet!)--example from Mr. Martin about this school year
  • What are "platitudes"?  How do you substantiate "platitudes"?
  • share an example from an orchestra member--is this any good?
HW Time
--continue working on writing assignment--how?

--Purposefully read up to page 123 by the beginning of next class—revisit the blog post named “Suggestion for Purposeful Reading” and try out one of the options you haven’t used yet (e.g., “Favorite lines, sections, etc.”)—remember that your purposeful reading notes drive our discussions!  YES, YOU'VE BEEN GRANTED AN EXTENSION!
--Your “Bright Futures” e-mail is due to Mr. Martin by the end of the day on Saturday, September 29th.
--Yankee Candles—sell, sell, sell!!!  Orders are due to Rm. 100 no later than Friday, September 28th.