Sunday, September 9, 2012

Senior English--9/11/2012

In the Door
--sit in the same seats as last class

Jump Off
--concept of the Jump Off explained again (REMINDER)
--Write your name on the front board if I can laminate and hang your WANTED poster.
--Turn in your purposeful reading evidence (Post-its?  Notes on an index card? Etc.) by placing your work in the black basket on the front table.  Make sure that your name is on your work.
--HW policy (REMINDER)—point out names on front board

--Clear your desks of all but a clean sheet of lined paper and a blue or black pen.

S. the C.
--agenda/rationale/HW (due date/directions/rationale [link to The Alchemist])
--information about blog (REMINDER)

AssessmentThe Alchemist up to pg. 33
--rip sheet of paper in half—write name at top of each half
--complete questions 1-3 (60%—basic comprehension)—place on floor next to desk
--complete question 4 (40%—higher-level thinking/writing)—may use the text!
--pass up quizzes
--discussion will occur in the future

--Take out your speech notes if you did not introduce a peer last class.

Teambuilder/Public Speaking (cont.) – “I'd Like to Introduce...”
--finish delivering partner introductions (Mr. Martin draws card, student approaches podium, smiles, and delivers speech [student being introduced stands])
--next speaker is previously introduced student until all students have been introduced

--Pick up a Post-it Note from the front table.
--Jot down "success ideas" on your Post-It Note—MR. MARTIN COLLECTS AND USES FOR STUDENT COMMITMENTS

Discussion – Establishing Our Classroom Environment: Rule of the Room/Developing Consequences
--share a “smattering” of information from Post-Its
--reiterate Rule of the Room--potential "breaks" discussed (link to Post-It information [which will become class commitments] as well)
--brainstorm consequences--discuss and make decisions via T-chart

HW time -- 100 Goals/The Alchemist to pg. 65

--Create a rough list of 100 Goals.
--Purposefully read up to pg. 65 of The Alchemist—check out the blog for a suggestion for purposeful reading!