Friday, September 14, 2012

Senior English--9/17/2012

Jump Off
--Take out your rough list of 100 Goals.  I will come around and check for completion during the portion of today’s agenda named “Discussion Preparation.”

S. the C.
--agenda/rationale/HW (REMINDER: The Alchemist audio track access/computer access after school)

Discussion Preparation – “Treating Life as a Video Game”
--purposefully view the video and prepare for discussion:

  • Connect to The Alchemist
  • Connect to 100 Goals
  • Anything new ideas-wise?


Discussion – Warm-Up/“Treating Life as a Video Game”/The Alchemist up to page 65
--share information about circle discussions from ex-student
--go over the discussion protocol
--go over the “Discussion Contribution Rating Scale”—MODEL
--prepare contributions (REMINDER: Our Purpose in Reading The Alchemist)
--Transition – form a circle
--warm-up—Loaded Questions question (Right to Pass)
--curriculum-based discussion as per protocol—contributions assessed via scale

Transition – re-row desks/assignment sheet up

HW Time – 100 Goals Activity Organization/Formalization
--read through assignment sheet
--Mr. Martin (and Mrs. Busch in Block 4) share
--independent work time

--Purposefully read up to page 123 by the beginning of class on Friday—revisit the blog post named “Suggestion for Purposeful Reading” and try out one of the options you haven’t used yet (e.g., “Favorite lines, sections, etc.”)—remember that your purposeful reading notes drive our discussions!
--Finish categorizing and typing your 100 Goals—I need to see a finalized printout at the beginning of next class.