Tuesday, September 4, 2012

English 9--9/6/2012

In the Door
--sit at desk with HW pass/index card
--purpose of HW pass

Jump Off
--concept of the Jump Off explained
--write name neatly on index card using marker--jot down band names/song titles on the back
--pick a student to collect

Anticipatory Set
--agenda/HW/preview next class
--information about blog

Activity #1 -- Teacher Introduction
--Mr. Martin introduces himself via "Who is Mr. Martin?" PowerPoint
--how's your memory?

Activity #2 -- Community Circle
--make a list of "emergent themes" from "Who is Mr. Martin?"
--directions/expectations for circle discussion
--brainstorming time
--Transition -- form a circle
--share via ball pass--be ready for follow-up questions!

Transition -- re-row desks/HW materials up

HW Time
--set parameters for work time
--work on mindfully reading the policies sheet

--Read the policy sheet and bring the necessary materials to next class.  Have your parent(s)/guardian(s) review the letter and the policy sheet, and bring signature slip to next class for a 100% homework grade.
--Be ready for a QUIZ in the future based on the reading of the policies sheet.
--Bring your A-Game next class!