Tuesday, September 18, 2012

English 9--9/20/2012

Jump Off
--Clear your desks of all but a notebook and a writing utensil.  Date the page (9/20/2012) and label this section of your notes “Odyssey Unit Terms".

S. the C.

Activity #1 -- Odyssey Unit Terms (Carousel Note-taking/Comprehension Check)

--take care of "old business" from last class:
  • starting at the poster your group created last class (Block 2: the notes your Block 4 peers created--Mr. Martin will assign you a starting point!), mindfully jot down notes pertaining to our five new terms
  • Transition -- return to desk when finished--look through notes in preparation for terms application/comprehension check
  • example given--heads down/hands up
Transition -- pick up the "Anticipation Guide" from the front table and begin working quietly and independently

Activity #2 -- Before Reading--Exploring the "Big Ideas"
--clarification of directions--MODEL
--continue independent work (preparing for discussion)
--directions given for small group work--MODEL
--groups formed via drawing of cards
--small group discussions as per directions
--Transition--return to assigned seats
--complete questions 1-6 from back of page in notebook (draw a line under terms notes, label this section of your notes "Pre-reading Individual Reflection") in complete sentences (reflection)
--whole group discussion (de-briefing)--How will this information help us once we begin reading Homer’s Odyssey?

Transition -- clip "Anticipation Guide" into notebook behind Odyssey-related reading from last class/prepare notebook for final agenda item (put a line under reflections, label this section of your notes "Connections Between Pre-reading/Odyssey Film"

Film -- Andrei Konchalovsky's The Odyssey
--based on notes heading, what is our purpose?
--purposefully view the film/jot down notes in preparation for our reading/end-of-class discussion

Closure -- Wrap-up Discussion
--share responses to this question: How does what you saw today relate to what we discussed prior to viewing the film?

--Study your notes from our last two classes—I might check on your knowledge/understanding in the near future!
--If you haven't already gotten dividers for your binder, try to get ahold of some before next class!