Tuesday, September 11, 2012

English 9--9/14/2012

Jump Off
--Come up to the front table and pick up your reading/writing skills assessment from two classes ago.
 --If you have a writing portfolio binder (which you should!), place it on the floor underneath the SmartBoard--make sure that your name is somewhere on the binder.

S. the C.
--directions for next agenda item

Old Business -- Paragraph Mark-ups: Time to SHOW What You KNOW!
--complete the task at hand for final submission of your writing piece as per the PowerPoint directions

Transition -- work resubmitted

Discussion (cont.) – Establishing Our Classroom Environment: Rule of the Room/Developing Consequences
--point out student commitments poster
--reiterate Rule of the Room--potential "breaks" discussed (link to student commitments)
--brainstorm consequences--discuss and make decisions via T-chart

Transition -- head to the library


--Enjoy the weekend.  We begin Homer's The Odyssey next week!