Sunday, September 16, 2012

English 9--9/18/2012

Jump Off

--Clear your desks of all but a notebook and a writing utensil.  Date the page (9/18/2012) and label this section of your notes “Author Biography: Homer.”  You are about to engage in a listening activity where you are to take good notes.  Do you have any strategies from past years of English class that you can share with the class?  After attendance, Mr. Martin will ask for volunteers to share some note-taking strategies.

S. the C.
--share out note-taking strategies
--Mr. Martin shares some additional suggestions

Activity #1 – “Author Biography: Homer” (Listening/Note-taking)
--carefully listen to the passage read aloud once—purposefully take notes in notebook
--draw cards—students share items from notes and rationale behind writing the items down
--Transition – pick up the sheet entitled “Comprehension Check: Author Biography” from the front table
--read the questions before the second reading and answer those that you can by using your notes
--carefully listen to the passage read aloud a second time—continue purposefully taking notes/responding to the questions
--take a few more minutes to finish up
--discuss the answers to “Comprehension Check: Author Biography”—how will this information help us once we begin reading Homer’s Odyssey?

Transition – pick up materials from the front table

Activity #2Odyssey Unit Terms (Group Work/Presentations/Note-taking)
--independently, purposefully read all of the information assigned—in your notes, define assigned term in own words/on a Post-it, jot down “unknowns” for "The Parking Lot”—MODEL
--Transition – get in groups based on assigned term
--engage in group discussion in order to build on each others’ ideas/understanding—create a poster with term, easy-to-understand definition, and an accompanying graphic—MAKE THESE NEAT, AS THEY MAY END UP ON THE WALL!
--determine roles for presentation—discuss important presentation skills
--Transition – re-row desks
--present terms—take notes in the section of your notebook labeled “Odyssey Unit Terms” (epic, epic hero, allusion, epithet, and epic/Homeric simile)

Closure – Terms Application/Comprehension Check
--example given—heads down/hands up

--Study your notes from today’s class—I might check on your knowledge/understanding in the near future!