Friday, September 7, 2012

English 9--9/10/2012

In the Door
--sit in the same desk as last class (alphabetical order)

Jump Off
--concept of the Jump Off explained again (REMINDER)
--Turn in your signed sheet/slip by placing it in the black basket on the front table.
--If you have a writing portfolio binder (which you should!), place it on the floor underneath the SmartBoard--make sure that your name is somewhere on the binder.
--Pick up the assignment sheet from the front table.
--HW policy (REMINDER)

S. the C.
--information about blog (REMINDER)
--information about the upcoming assessment related to the expectations and procedures packet (REMINDER)
--read the assignment sheet aloud--respond to clarifying questions

Assessment -- Reading and Writing Skills
--work quietly and independently until you have finished your best work (45 mins. maximum)

Transition -- when finished, place materials in the black basket on the front table and pick up the sheet entitled "You Betcha vs. Nah, Not So Much"

HW Time
--work on carefully completing "You Betcha vs. Nah, Not So Much"--YOU MAY USE YOUR PACKETS!

Brain Break -- "Mum Ball"
--when and if everybody finishes writing, we will play "mum ball" so that Mr. Martin can continue learning names!

--Block 2--finish writing piece--spend no more than 30 more minutes on it!
--finish "You Betcha vs. Nah, Not So Much" for the beginning of next class