Wednesday, September 19, 2012

English 10 Honors--9/20/2012

Jump Off (2 mins.)
--Submit your finalized Unique Peer Essay by placing the paper in the black basket on the front table.  Staple the assignment sheet/rubric to the back of your final draft.


S. the C. (3 mins.)
--information about the writing portfolio

 Quick-Write/Grammar -- Being Unlucky, The Parts of Speech, and The Simple Sentence (30-35 mins.)
--clear your desks of all but a clean sheet of lined paper (loose leaf or notebook) and a pen--date the page (9/20)
--go over the quick-write philosophy
--write non-stop for 8 minutes as per the prompt (TOMatS-derived)
--look through HW--what should we go over? 
--parts of speech listed on board--find one, highlight, Mr. Martin circulates--REPEAT PROCESS FOR ALL PARTS OF SPEECH
--look again at the eight parts of speech--how are they used to build sentences? (arrive at "general rule" of "musts")
--discuss exceptions to the rule (e.g., clauses with WUBAIS words--STUDENT HANDS OUT HALF SHEETS)

Transition -- packet up--complete PRACTICES 1-4 for the beginning of next class (3 mins.)

Introductory Activity -- Backwards Brainstorming...The Old Man and the Sea (10 mins.)
--model with The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet
--develop a "vague form" template of The Contender
--briefly introduce the concept of "intertextuality" and its implications with regard to The Old Man and the Sea

HW Time (remainder of class)
--Transition -- pick up a copy of The Old Man and the Sea and some Post-its/write down book #s 
--begin reading aloud--model Post-it Note strategy

--complete PRACTICES 1-4 from the "The Simple Sentence" packet

--purposefully read pgs. 1-25 of The Old Man and the Sea--be ready for a discussion next class--TO LOOK FOR:
*The basics (characters, setting, conflict, etc.)
*Christological figure
*Hero as a literary term
*Hemingway's writing style
*Connections to The Contender