Friday, September 21, 2012

English 9--9/24/2012

Jump Off
--Pick up an index card from the front table.  Then, clear your desk of all but the index card and a writing utensil.  Write your name at the top of the lined side of the index card.

S. the C.
--let's take care of our tab dividers! (PowerPoint slide)
--directions for assessment

Assessment -- Odyssey Unit Terms
--complete assessment via PowerPoint--Mr. Martin collects
--go over assessment responses

Activity #1 -- Story Time!: "The Judgement of Paris" via the Oral Tradition
--Minstrel Martin tells the story of "The Judgement of Paris"--students listen (and enjoy!?) 
--students jot down notes--Can you retell the story?
--a "brave, young minstrel" retells the story
--What is the "oral tradition"?
--How can you commit this information to memory (as that's the expectation!)?

Activity #2 -- A Brief Purposeful Reading: "The Trojan War"
--When I say "Trojan War", you think...--share out
--Transition -- pick up the reading from the front table
--Our Purpose: "Pick up" more information about the Trojan War (the "prequel", if you will)--underline new information
--briefly share out

Transition -- pick up "Greek Mythology Project" rubrics from the front table

Looking Ahead -- Greek Mythology Project
--tale a look at rubrics--clarifying questions asked/answered
--topic selection (cards drawn)
--assignment sheet/sample next class

Transition -- clip materials into notebook (what section?)/take out notebook for final agenda item (PREPARE NOTEBOOK FOR FINAL AGENDA ITEM [put a line under reflections from last class, label this section of your notes "Connections Between Pre-reading/Odyssey Film"] IN BLOCK 4)

Film -- Andrei Konchalovsky's The Odyssey
--based on notes heading, what is our purpose?
--purposefully view the film/jot down notes in preparation for our reading/end-of-class discussion

Closure -- Wrap-up Discussion
--share responses to this question: How does what you saw today relate to what we have discussed during our past few classes?

--Next class, report to Rm. 100 first--we'll align our minds to the work at hand, and then we'll head down to the library--COME FOCUSED AND READY TO WORK! :)