Sunday, September 9, 2012

English 10 Honors--9/12/2012

Jump Off
--Please clear your desks of all but a blue or black pen.

S. the C.
--go over a few potential exam questions from last class

Assessment -- The Contender Novel Exam
--go over the directions
--take the exam
--after completing the exam, turn it in and pick up the writing assignment sheet from the front table
--read assignment sheet/"study hall" until all students are finished with the exam

Teambuilder/Research/Writing Workshop -- Unique Peer Writing Assignment
--after all students have finished the exam, roam around the classroom and gather additional notes about your first partner from last class--THESE NOTES ARE THE "RAW MATERIAL" FOR THE FIRST WRITING ASSIGNMENT!!!  DON'T FORGET TO GET A DIRECT QUOTE FROM YOUR PARTNER.

--Write the introduction to your essay--we will work with these next class.