Tuesday, September 25, 2012

English 10 Honors--9/26/2012

Jump Off
--Pick up and set up a BINGO board with 24 words—you may include a "helper word” in each box.  Feel free to also pick up a highlighter to use as your “BINGO dauber”.

S. the C.
--BINGO directions
--quickly go over vocabulary exercises

Review -- Vocabulary Unit #1 BINGO
--play three games (+1 bonus point for a win)
--for HW, prepare for the quiz (next class)--go over question types

Discussion -- TOMatS up to pg. 72
--briefly review the discussion protocol
--briefly review the “Discussion Contribution Rating Scale”
--prepare contributions by looking through Post-its
--Transition -- form a circle
--engage in discussion as per protocol—contributions assessed via scale:
*Quick-writes from a few classes ago
*The basics (characters, setting, conflict, etc.)
*Christological figure
*Hero as a literary term
*Hemingway's writing style
*Connections to The Contender

Closure -- "Today, I learned..." (must properly use two vocabulary words and label the subject/verb of your first sentence)

Brain Break/Teambuilder (if time) -- Unique Peer Essays
--read aloud--six essays?
--resubmit essays when finished

--Prepare for the Unit #1 vocabulary quiz (next class)--don't forget about the “Whimsical Words”!
--Finish TOMatS and Post-its--a final discussion is forthcoming!