Thursday, January 31, 2013

Senior English--2/1/2013

Jump Off
--After attendance, be prepared to share your arguing for a position essay topic with Mr. Martin and the rest of the class.  Mr. Martin will share his topic first as a model.
--In your notebook, date the page.  Label this page of your notes "Argument/Research Tips", and plan on adding items in list form under this heading starting today.
--Last class, we "threw down" a little mum ball.  What else can we mix in as five minute breaks here and there over the course of the rest of the Research Unit?  Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

S. the C.
--share list of students needing to revise for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio (though the month doesn't begin until you've gotten your Tuesdays with Morrie Analysis Essays back and we've spent class time processing Mr. Martin's comments)--meetings with Mr. Martin can start ASAP
--share essay topics--Mr. Martin creates a list/peers offer up the opposition
--share ideas for breaks

Writing Workshop -- Models of Argument (cont.)
--engage in purposeful reading (Block 4)
--discuss commonalities, crafting a a list of necessities for our research process (Block 4)
--Transition--pick up additional materials from the front table based on approach selections (Block 4)
--finish purposefully reading (Block 1):
  • Underline and define key terms associated with your selected approach.
  • Create a checklist that could be used for purposeful reading of sources in order to effectively execute your selected approach--if reading websites, articles, books, etc. "like a detective," what would you look for to highlight, underline, etc.?
  • Write a three-sentence summary of your approach.
--share out (one student per approach) (Block 1)
--add items to list from last class (Block 1)

Transition -- pick up the "Critical Reading Practice" sheet and the writing piece entitled "Why Foreign Language Study Should Be Required"

Writing Workshop -- Critical Reading Practice/A Sample Classical Argument
--work with the sheet and writing piece as per Mr. Martin's notes

Transition -- pick up the "Sources--Critical Reading/Notes for My Argument" packet from the front table and take a peek through the packet--what's the deal?

HW Time
--respond to the what's the deal? question--share Mrs. Martin anecdote (gift/college)
--take a closer look at the "Notes for My Argument" section--notice links to "list of necessities for our research process"
--modeling with Mr. Martin's argument:
  • Brainstorm potential methods for finding a credible source online
  • Find a credible source online
  • Begin completing "Sources--Critical Reading/Notes for My Argument" packet for online source  
--Find a credible source online for your argument.  Print the source.  Then, thoughtfully complete the first two pages (labeled "Source #1") of your "Sources--Critical Reading/Notes for My Argument" packet using the source.  If you do not have this assignment completed at the beginning of next class, Mr. Martin will refer you for central detention.  Why?  Because you cannot afford to fall behind in this process.