Monday, January 14, 2013

Senior English--1/16/2013

Jump Off
--Open your vocabulary book to page 68.
--SEE MR. MARTIN AFTER CLASS: Kerstyn Ganshaw, Wansi Habte, Joey Lynch, Andy Witzel and Block 4 student who completed a proposal about gun control (no name on your sheet!)
S. the C.
--Block 4: one final speech!
--go over the answers to the homework

Public Speaking (Block 4) -- Show and Tell Speech Delivery

--speech delivered--Mr. Martin records while audience members engage in attentive listening

Transition (Block 4) -- pick up the "Midterm Exam Review--Poetry Explication/Multiple Choice Practice" sheet from the front table

Review Activity #1 -- "A River Like This"

--read the directions together--What is a reasonable length of time for explication?
--independent poetry explication time--MODEL (PICK BACK UP HERE IN BLOCK 1)
--engage in discussion as per explications
--flip the sheet over--read the questions, mark up the poem accordingly in order to help define your purpose, and purposefully re-read the poem--MODEL
--respond to the multiple choice questions
--go over the answers
--What might your process look like for the poetry section of Friday's midterm exam?

Review Activity #2 -- The Formula for Success

--review the parts of a well-written speech (C, M, A, P, P-S, and A)--consider definitions/purpose of each item and the appropriate order
--view an exemplary Show and Tell Speech "like a detective"--be on the search for each of the parts of a well-written speech "in action"--What's the "Capture step"? Motivate? Etc.
--share out

Transition -- pick up your ScanTron and an exam booklet from the front table

Review Activity #3 -- Pre-Assessment Re-visited
--Mr. Martin models purposeful reading--the midterm will contain a similar task/similar questions pertaining to a different passage

Transition -- pre-assessment materials handed back in

Closure -- What is your "plan of action" between now and Friday in order to prepare for the vocabulary quiz and the midterm exam?

Filler – Unit #6 Review (online)

--Finish preparing for the Unit #6 vocabulary quiz, which will take place next class.  Let’s fill the board with Diction Doctors!
--Finish preparing for the Senior English Midterm Exam.  This twenty question multiple choice assessment (consisting of purposeful reading of/responding to non-fiction, poetry, and fiction and application of the Formula for Success) will take place next class.  Let's try to NAIL this thing!