Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Senior English--1/4/2013

Jump Off (8 mins.)
--Pick up the “Paper Topic Brainstorming” sheet from the front table.  Quietly and independently complete the task at hand.  Once you’ve finished, tuck the sheet away in your binder behind your “Understanding Argument” sheet from last class.

S. the C. (5-8 mins.)
--Speech order for Tuesday, January 8th:
Block 1: Cody Pascalar, Adam Reeder, James Jason, James Morrison, Miranda Luna, Kris Hritz, Corey Lucey, Danielle Freeman, Tom Gott, Josh Wester, Bobby Etzel, and Taylor Stephens
Block 4: Conor Spencer, Elena Welsted, Courtney Bleier, Katie Salter, Jasmine Jones, Danielle Allen, Tori Coon, Andy Witzel, Sean Kidder, Patrick Clarke, Andrea Carbone, Kayla Koch, and Matt Linsner
--Speech order for Thursday, January 10th:
Block 1: Reggie Bronecki, Luke Terry, Xavier Shaver, John Bartles, Natalie Pope, Mitch Kinney, Amanda VanBuskirk, BrieAnna Ellis, Kiersten Saxton, Emma Shirley, and Josh Lyons
Block 4: Robbie Kelley, Erica Duris, Wansi Habte, Jordan Healy, Joey Lynch, Carter Ellis, Kerstyn Ganshaw, Emily Schwerzler, Patrick Mattice, Angelique Gunner, Spencer Brisbane, and Jacob Maier

Transition (3-5 mins.)
--Pick up a copy of the rubric from the front table.  Spend a few minutes reading through the explanations on the back of the rubric as preparation for the next activity.

Activity #1 -- Sample Show and Tell Speech/Rubric Practice
--View the video of Mr. Martin’s speech about the book 1,000 Places to See Before You Die--complete the rubric both during and following the speech and arrive at a score for Mr. Martin. (10 mins.)
--Discuss scores given and justification (5 mins.)

Instruction -- Public Speaking Q & A (10 mins.)
--Go through the slideshow.

Writing Workshop -- Show and Tell Speech (until the end of class)
--Engage in quiet/independent speechwriting time as per the Formula for Success (suggested to use the outlining sheet).
--Meet in small groups in order to practice (garner content feedback and work on delivery skills such as volume, tone, eye contact, speed, pauses, and limiting vocal fillers).

--The first day of Show and Tell Speech deliveries will be next class (January 8th).  Speeches will be delivered as scheduled (SEE ORDER LISTED EARLIER IN BLOG POST).  Practice, practice, practice!  Remember that you have the scoring rubric for this assignment, and it is imperative that you align your content/delivery with the rubric.
--Be thinking some more about potential topics for your Senior English Research Paper (Arguing for a Position).