Wednesday, January 16, 2013

English 9--1/17/2013

Jump Off
--Take out your carefully completed homework ("Comma Splice Fix-up Practice").

S. the C.
--address the "Essential Questions" written up on the front board:
  • What is a comma splice?
  • How do "editors" find comma splices?
  • How do "editors" fix comma splices?
  • What is  the link between the splice "fix-up" methods and "Language Use"?
--compare homework sentences to those written up on the front board
--assessment directions read aloud/tips given

Transition -- pick up the assessment materials from the front table row-by-row

Assessment -- Midterm Paragraph Response--Controlling Idea
--complete the assessment as directed--take your time with the writing piece (NAIL it!)
--When you finish, turn in your assessment by placing it on the front table. Then, put your head down on your desk and relax (unless you have some work to do for another class--ask Mr. Martin for a locker pass if you need one)!

Brain Break/Sharpening the Saw -- Mum Ball

--Good luck on your midterm exams--see you next week (maybe)!