Monday, January 7, 2013

English 10 Honors--1/9/2013

Jump Off
--Pick up an index card scrap from the front table. Write your name and top choice for the Lord of the Flies Culminating Assignment on the card.

S. the C.
--determine culminating assignment choices via a drawing from the Helmet O' Destiny

Discussion Preparation -- LotF (Chapter 11-specific)
--choose one of the seven items from the front board--use your brain/book to jot down some additional ideas/points for today's discussion

Transition -- form a circle out of the desks

Discussion -- LotF Chapters 1-11
--determine culminating assignment homework in order to progress through between now and the due date--set a tentative due date
--engage in discussion (you know the drill!)--Mr. Martin will be using the "Discussion Contribution Rating Scale" today

Transition -- re-row desks

Review -- Vocabulary Unit #6
--reminder: words from previous units tend to show up on quizzes in order to hold you accountable for previous learnings
--assign words from Unit #6
--independent work time--write a sentence properly using the assigned word; write with “voice”, and write enough to clearly show that you have incorporated the word into your vocabulary (Mr. Martin shows two samples first--discussion of merit of each)
--share out

HW Time
--begin purposefully reading up to page 200--we will read the next few pages together in class next time!

--Finish preparing for the Unit #6 vocabulary assessment, which will take place this Friday.
--Finish purposefully reading up to page 200 of Lord of the Flies as preparation for analysis/discussion next class.