Monday, January 14, 2013

English 9--1/15/2013

Jump Off
--In your notebook, jot down any notes related to the five writing-related categories written up on the front board (Meaning, Development, Organization, Language Use, and Conventions).  For example, next to Organization, you might write "Begin paragraphs with a topic sentence."
--Take out your carefully completed homework ("'The Most Dangerous Game' Analysis/Application Questions").

S. the C.
--go over M, D, O, L, C information as preparation for today's assessment
--go over responses to the homework as preparation for today's assessment

Transition -- pick up the assessment from the front table row-by-row

Assessment -- 7 Habits Unit
--complete the assessment as directed--take your time with the writing piece (NAIL it!)
--When you finish, turn in your assessment by placing it on the front table. Pick up the "THE GRAMMAR CRIME: Comma Splice" sheet and the "Comma Splice Fix-up Practice" sheet from the front table.  After reading through the "THE GRAMMAR CRIME: Comma Splice" sheet, if you would like to take your assesment back in order to further improve your writing piece, feel free!

HW Time -- Comma Splice Fix-up Practice

--Carefully finish the "Comma Splice Fix-up Practice" sheet.  Avoiding/finding and fixing comma splices will improve your Conventions on your Controlling Idea Paragraph Common Assessment next class.
--Finish preparing for the Controlling Idea Paragraph Common Assessment using your outlining sheet and the exemplary paragraph--this assessment will take place next class.