Sunday, January 27, 2013

Senior English--1/28/2013

Jump Off
--Submit your final proposal sheet by placing it on the front table. 
--Pick up a copy of the article entitled "Company praised for firing woman who took disrespectful photo next to soldier's grave".  PLEASE DO NOT WRITE ON THE ARTICLE.  Purposefully read the article, and then thoughtfully answer these three questions in your notebook as preparation for discussion:
  • What is the author's purpose in this article (to explain, to inform, to teach readers how to do something, to express an opinion, to persuade readers to do or believe something, to entertain, etc.)?  How do you know?
  • Do you agree or disagree with the company's decision to fire Lindsey Stone?  What is your reasoning for your response?
  • Pretend that you are Lindsey Stone and you've been given an opportunity to speak with your boss in order to get your job back.  What do you say?
--SEE MR. MARTIN AFTER CLASS: Angelique Gunner and Wansi Habte

S. the C.
--consider the importance of halfway point of the school year
--Tuesdays with Morrie Analysis Essays have been purposefully read and scored--share list of students needing to revise for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio (though the month doesn't begin until you've gotten your essays back and we've spent class time processing Mr. Martin's comments)--meetings with Mr. Martin can start ASAP
--information about first two proposals--what do you want/need from Mr. Martin between now and Wednesday?

Transition -- form a circle

Discussion/Writing Workshop --  Argumentation: Social Networking
--review the discussion protocol
--review the "Discussion Contribution Rating Scale"
--engage in discussion about Jump Off as per protocol (thinking argumentatively)--contributions assessed via scale
--Transition--return the article/pick up the arguing for a position paper entitled "Should Data Posted on Social-Networking Sites Be 'Fair Game' for Employers?"  (PLEASE DO NOT WRITE ON THE PAPER.)
--when our process is all said and done, you will have created a paper that looks like this in terms of format/content (MLA format, parenthetical references, Works Cited page, and argument supported by research)--oral reading with this information in mind--which of your three proposals will probably work the best/keep you engaged?
--share any thoughts pertaining to the reading 

Transition -- re-row desks/Mr. Martin returns Show and Tell Speech rubrics<--DID NOT DO IN BLOCK 1 OR BLOCK 4

Self-Reflection -- Show and Tell Speech<--DID NOT DO IN BLOCK 1 OR BLOCK 4
--in notebooks, set up a chart for analyzing your speech feedback--Mr. Martin models
--rationale--our speaking targets/importance of feedback
--Mr. Martin models use of the chart
--independent work time--feedback analysis
--whole-group share-out--Mr. Martin creates a list on the front board/models where appropriate--what do you want/need from Mr. Martin between now and your next speech?
--Closure--Create a "to do" list for your next speech (presentation of argument)

Transition -- "End-of-Unit Reflection" sheet up

HW Time
--begin thoughtful completion of "End-of-Unit Reflection" sheet--Mr. Martin models (if necessary)

--Finish thoughtfully completing the "End-of-Unit Reflection" sheet.  This sheet is due at the beginning of next class and is the second homework assignment of Quarter 3.

--Expect to engage in self-reflection next class pertaining to Quarters 1 & 2, your Midterm Exam score, your In-Progress Average for Senior English, and the Cumulative Writing Portfolio.