Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Senior English--1/30/2013

Jump Off
--Submit your thoughtfully completed "End-of-Unit Reflection" sheet.
--In your notebook, date the page.  Then, copy down the chart that is drawn up on the front board for the purpose of analyzing your speech feedback.

S. the C.
--share list of students needing to revise for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio (though the month doesn't begin until you've gotten your essays back and we've spent class time processing Mr. Martin's comments)--meetings with Mr. Martin can start ASAP

Self-Reflection #1 -- Show and Tell Speech
--rationale--our speaking targets/importance of feedback
--Mr. Martin models use of the chart
--independent work time--feedback analysis
--whole-group share-out--Mr. Martin creates a list on the front board/models where appropriate--what do you want/need from Mr. Martin between now and your next speech?
--Closure--Create a "to do" list for your next speech (presentation of argument)

Self-Reflection #2 -- "Self-Evaluation--Plan for Success"
--explanation given of meaning of numbers/highlighting
--formula for "ballparking" in-progress average modeled
--packet handed out
--complete packet for submission

Transition -- "Self-Evaluation--Plan for Success" in/"Models of Argument" up

Writing Workshop -- Models of Argument
--engage in purposeful reading
--discuss commonalities, crafting a a list of necessities for our research process
--Transition--pick up additional materials from the front table based on approach selections
--purposefully read:
  • Underline and define key terms associated with your selected approach.
  • Create a checklist that could be used for purposeful reading of sources in order to effectively execute your selected approach--if reading websites, articles, books, etc. "like a detective," what would you look for to highlight, underline, etc.?
  • Write a three-sentence summary of your approach.
--share out (one student per approach)
--add items to list from earlier in class (we will use this information when purposefully reading sources in the future!)

HW Time

--Look through your marked up proposals.  Come to class next time with a definite topic, as Mr. Martin will be crafting a list for Mrs. D'Onofrio.