Monday, April 29, 2013

Senior English--5/3/2013

Jump Off
--Spend the first few minutes of class studying for the forthcoming Unit #9 vocabulary quiz quietly and independently. Mr. Martin will be around after study time with the quiz.
--Complete the vocabulary quiz quietly and independently. Good luck!
--During the vocabulary quiz, take care of any presentation preparation measures to save us time later (e.g., moving materials from your username to Mr. Martin’s computer).

S. the C.
--trade and grade--quizzes returned/self-reflection/Mr. Martin collects
--share list of students needing to revise for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio

Transition -- pick up the "The Kite Runner Unit--Mini-Research Presentation Notes" from the front table

Presentations/Notetaking -- The Kite Runner Unit--Mini-Research
--share the "Mini-Research Presentations Protocol" slide from PowerPoint
--any other tips/advisement desired prior to first presentation?
--deliver presentations as per the protocol

Closure -- Whip Around
--Think of one "thing" you learned in class today. (If you need to write your key learning down so that you don't forget, please do so!)
--Toss the ball around the classroom from one to another sharing learnings.

--The due date for submitting a revised Arguing for a Position Research Paper for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio is May 20th (a little over two weeks from today)--Do you want/need to revise? Don't forget to schedule a meeting with Mr. Martin to go over your revisions (meeting times will fill up quickly!).
--Practice your presentation if you did not deliver it in class today due to lack of time in the block.  We will finish presentations next class as per the established order if necessary.
--Review your "Mini-Research Presentation Notes" prior to next class, as an upcoming assessment is quite possible!