Sunday, April 14, 2013

Senior English--4/15/2013

Jump Off
--Open your vocabulary book to Unit #8.  Look through the list of words and put a star next to all of the words that you are pretty confident about knowing already.

S. the C.
--Reminder: Any individuals who did not meet the Tuesdays with Morrie Analysis Essay revisions due date for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio will receive referrals until the assignment is completed to mastery, as Mr. Martin does not want you to lose the opportunity to graduate!

Instruction -- Vocabulary Unit #8
--go over the Unit #8 word list
--complete the Choosing the Right Word exercise quietly and independently--if you finish the exercise before the rest of your classmates, go ahead and complete another of the exercises
--go over Choosing the Right Word
--For HW, continue preparing for the Unit #8 assessment, which will take place this Friday.  Don't forget about our incentive plan! 

Video/Discussion (cont.) -- The Black Donnellys Pilot Episode--Introducing the BIG Question (The Kite Runner Unit)
--briefly review the contents of our discussion from the end of last class
--continue discussing The Black Donnellys--Mr. Martin guides where appropriate and jots down notes/significant factors relating to the BIG Question on the front board
--reminder--the BIG Question
--directions given for quick-write--Mr. Martin shares a model
--independent writing time
--Transition--form a circle
--continue discussion--The Black Donnellys/personal anecdotes, focusing on the BIG Question--Mr. Martin continues jotting notes on the front board

Transition -- re-row desks/index card up

Closure -- The Three W's
  • What did we discuss/learn today during the "Video/Discussion" portion of the agenda?
  • So What? (How is this work relevant/important/useful?)
  • Now What?  (Can you predict what the novel The Kite Runner will be about based on this work?)
--Continue preparing for the Unit #8 vocabulary assessment, which will take place this Friday.  Don't forget about our incentive plan!   
--Bring your vocabulary book again next class in case the book is needed for review purposes. 
 --Though we will no longer be formally presenting our arguments, we will be sharing them with the class in a roundtable-type discussion next class upon the return of your scored papers, so make sure that you are well-versed in the contents of your paper for the sake of said discussion.
--See Mr. Martin if you'd like to take a look at your scored essay sooner than next class.