Sunday, April 14, 2013

English 9--4/18/2013

Jump Off
--In Block 2, pick up your index cards from last class from the front table.  After attendance, we will spend some time sharing our cutaway scenes with each other.
--In Block 4, pick up a sheet of computer paper from the front table.  Fold the paper so that it consists of six blocks (see diagram on the front board) in preparation for today's first activity.

S. the C.

Activity -- "Fable for When There's No Way Out"
--In Block 2, share cutaway scenes
--In Block 4, oral reading for the "gist"--as poem is read aloud two-four times, draw the gist of the poem in frames--really look to be accurate as per the text
--share some pictures--Mr. Martin captures poem notes on the front board
--In BOTH Block 2 & 4 from here down: brainstorm a list of what to do next (digging deeper)--remember that this is poetry: tap into eighth grade poetry knowledge and our earlier course work with poetry
--define items on list/consider potential authorial purposes for each of the items--THIS IS THE START OF YOUR ENGLISH 9 POETRY NOTES FOR WHICH YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE, SO I SHOULD SEE ALL OF YOU WRITING! :)
--Transition--pick up a copy of the poem from the front table
--oral reading for deeper meaning--as poem is read aloud twice, jot down notes on the poem itself as per our "digging deeper" list
--share out
--connect this work to our future Dragonsong Unit and Romeo and Juliet Unit endeavors

Transition -- clear your desks of all but a writing utensil

Assessment -- "Chapters 8-10 Reading Quiz/'Digging Deeper' Writing Response"
--complete the quiz quietly and independently--good luck!
--feel free to use any personal notes that you took during the reading process

HW Time

--Read up to page 173 of Dragonsong and take notes for review/discussion by Wednesday of next week. 
--Bring your vocabulary book to class next time.