Sunday, April 28, 2013

English 9--4/30/2013

Jump Off
--Clear your desks of all but a pencil in preparation for the Dragonsong Final Unit Exam.

S. the C.

--exam directions shared

Assessment -- Dragonsong Final Unit Exam
--exam and ScanTrons handed out
--complete the exam quietly and independently
--When you finish the exam, jot down any notes from the SmartBoard pertaining to poetry that are not already written on your "Cheat Sheet".

Transition  -- assessment in/"Dragonsong Unit: Assignment Introduction--Final Essay" sheet and an index card up

Writing Workshop -- Dragonsong Unit Final Essay
--purposefully read through assignment introduction sheet together
--link this work to the multitude of well-developed paragraphs that we have written this school year (answering questions, structure, etc.--"building out" from there)
--"flesh out" a potential idea together--anyone have idea notes from the past couple of weeks?
--quiet/independent work time--developing a question and/or thesis statement for approval by Mr. Martin--MEETINGS WILL OCCUR
--begin brainstorming, outlining, detail-hunting, etc.

Closure -- T-O-D
--On your index card, write down your question/thesis statement for submission.

Brain Break -- Mum Ball

--Come to class next time ready to move forward in the essay-writing process.  You will learn more about the format of your essay next class and have some time to continue brainstorming, outlining, detail-hunting, drafting, etc.  We will spend a block in the computer lab on Monday of next week, at which point you should be ready to type!