Monday, April 29, 2013

English 9--5/2/2013

Jump Off
--Take out your "Dragonsong Unit: Assignment Introduction--Final Essay" sheet from last class.  After attendance, we will continue "wrapping our minds around" the assignment.

--The Dragonsong Final Unit Exams have been scanned.  If you are interested in checking out your score, see Mr. Martin quickly after class.

S. the C.
--agenda/HW--brainstorm "what to do" items together

Writing Workshop -- Dragonsong Unit Final Essay
--Block 4: purposefully read through assignment introduction sheet together picking back up with "DEVELOPMENT"
--really "nail down" the idea of hooking the reader; link this work to the multitude of well-developed paragraphs that we have written this school year (answering questions, structure, etc.--"building out" from there); how can we approach the "so what?" aspect of the assignment?
*Pick up the "Dragonsong Unit--Potential Questions/Prompts for Final Essay" sheet from the front table.  Purposefully read through the sheet quietly and independently.  Do the questions/prompts listed help you "firm up" your idea at all?  Will any of these questions/prompts "work for you" (those of you still without an idea)?
*Pick up an index card.
--goal for remaining class time: establish a viable thesis statement for your essay to submit to Mr. Martin--Mr. Martin models with an idea about Dragonsong and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
--work quietly and independently in order to craft your thesis statement--if you finish this process, begin outlining, detail-hunting, etc.--MEETINGS WITH MR. MARTIN WILL OCCUR DURING THIS BLOCK OF TIME 

Closure -- T-O-D
--On your index card, write your name and your thesis statement for submission.

Brain Break -- Mum Ball

--Next class (Monday), you will head down to the Computer Lab to type.  At the of Monday's class, you must print out and turn in your introduction.  Don't worry about the format of your document just yet--format work has been postponed until later next week.  "Do what you need to do" between now and Monday in order to be successful!