Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Senior English--4/29/2013

Jump Off
--Open your vocabulary book to Unit #9.  Look through the list of words and put a star next to all of the words that you are pretty confident about knowing already.

S. the C. 
--share list of students needing to revise for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio

Instruction -- Vocabulary Unit #9
--go over the Unit #9 word list
--complete the Choosing the Right Word exercise quietly and independently--if you finish the exercise before the rest of your classmates, go ahead and complete another of the exercises
--go over Choosing the Right Word three-in-a-row style
--For HW, continue preparing for the Unit #9 assessment, which will take place this Friday.  Don't forget about our incentive plan!

Transition -- pick up the "Mini-Research Presentation" assignment sheet from the front table

Looking Ahead -- Mini-Research Presentation
--topic verification
--read/discuss assignment sheet (sample presentation delivered next class)
--For HW, work on completing the assignment for delivery of presentations on Friday. 

Instruction/Close Reading Activity/Discussion (cont.) -- The Kite Runner Chapter 1 
--read the sheet directions quietly and independently--when you've finished reading, look up--BLOCK 4 ONLY
--student selected at random to clarify our purpose--BLOCK 4 ONLY
--work together to deconstruct a few of the questions/prompts--mark up a copy of the sheet on the SmartBoard--BLOCK 4 ONLY
--Mr. Martin shares question/prompt and sample response from English 9--clarifying rationale--BLOCK 4 ONLY
--select a question/prompt for Mr. Martin to complete as a model--Mr. Martin models--BLOCK 4 ONLY
--begin (BLOCK 4)/continue (BLOCK 1) re-reading Chapter 1 of the novel via oral reading (rationale explained)--work on "Chapter 1--Close Reading Practice/Discussion Preparation" sheet
--continue working quietly and independently
--engage in discussion, attempting to hit as many of the questions/prompts as we can prior to class ending--Mr. Martin takes notes on the front board under the appropriate topic headings
--your Chapter 1 sheet is for your notes--don't settle for anything less than your best response for each of the questions/prompts

Closure -- Whip Around
--Think of one "thing" you learned in class today.  (If you need to write your key learning down so that you don't forget, please do so!)
--Toss the ball around the classroom from one to another sharing learnings.

Brain Break -- Senior Future Plans

HW Time

--The due date for submitting a revised Arguing for a Position Research Paper for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio is May 20th (just over 3 weeks from today)--Do you want/need to revise? Don't forget to schedule a meeting with Mr. Martin to go over your revisions.
--Bring your vocabulary book to class again next time in case the book is needed for review purposes.  The Unit #9 quiz will take place on Friday.  Don't forget about our incentive plan!
--Work on completing the "Mini-Research Presentation" assignment for delivery on Friday.
--If we do not conclude in class, finish re-reading Chapter 1 and complete the "Chapter 1--Close Reading Practice/Discussion Preparation" packet questions.  We will continue discussing in class next time if necessary.
--Begin/finish reading Chapter 2 (taking notes is highly encouraged)--a basic comprehension quiz will take place next class.