Monday, April 29, 2013

English 10 Honors--5/2/2013

Jump Off
--Take out your notebook and date the page in preparation for the next Key Fact.
--Turn in either your well-developed character motive paragraph or your well-developed paragraph about melodrama, whichever you think is better, for Mr. Martin's perusal.

S. the C.
--share list of students needing to revise the Ayn Rand Essay Contest paper for the Writing Portfolio
--Key Fact shared (Sinbad the Sailor)

Activity -- TCoMC pgs. 1-123

HW Time

--The due date for submitting a revised Ayn Rand Essay Contest paper for the Writing Portfolio is May 15th (just under two weeks from today)--do you want/need to revise?  Don't forget to schedule a meeting with Mr. Martin to go over your revisions.
--Make sure that you are reviewing your notes (e.g., Key Facts, Alexandre Dumas notes, Melodrama notes, etc.), as Mr. Martin may "check in" on your knowledge and ask you to apply said knowledge at any time.
--While reading pages 123-179, work on character posters (if any of your characters "show up" in this section of the reading) and complete Post-its (focus especially on flagging seemingly important passages).
--As soon as Mr. Martin has approved your final project idea, you can get to work!
--Bring your vocabulary book to class on Monday.