Tuesday, April 23, 2013

English 9--4/26/2013

Jump Off
--Spend the first few minutes of class studying for the forthcoming Unit #11 vocabulary quiz quietly and independently. Mr. Martin will be around after study time with the quiz.
--Complete the vocabulary quiz quietly and independently. Good luck! 
--When you finish with your quiz, take out your copies of both "Fable for When There's No Way Out" and "The Journey".  Can you add anything to either of your explications?

S. the C.
--trade and grade--quizzes returned/self-reflection/Mr. Martin collects

Activity -- "Fable for When There's No Way Out"/"The Journey"--Explication/Discussion/Notetaking
--finish "Fable for When There's No Way Out" explication--fill in effect/authorial purpose chart accordingly
--repeat the process with "The Journey" using explications completed for homework
--connect this work to our future Dragonsong Unit and Romeo and Juliet Unit endeavors (essay writing and poetry explication)

Oral Reading/Discussion -- Dragonsong--The End!
--talk about the Dragonsong Final Unit Exam (format, what to study, etc.)
--review the definition of "denouement"--based on everything we have discussed when reading the novel, what are our expectations?
--read the last 3ish pages aloud together
--preliminary wrap-up discussion

--Prepare for the Dragonsong Final Unit Exam, which will take place next class.
--We will begin working in earnest on the essays to which Mr. Martin has been referring next class.