Monday, February 4, 2013

Senior English--2/5/2013

Jump Off--Pick up an index card from the front table.  On the index card, write a 3-5 sentence response to the following question:  What is your opinion regarding Facebook?

S. the C.
--share list of students needing to revise for the Cumulative Writing Portfolio (though the month doesn't begin until you've gotten your Tuesdays with Morrie Analysis Essays back and we've spent class time processing Mr. Martin's comments)--meetings with Mr. Martin can start ASAP
--share out as per the Jump Off--craft a list of potential thesis statements on the front board

Writing Workshop -- Argumentation: Social Networking #2
--pick a thesis statement
--purpose for reading: complete "Notes for My Argument--Practice" sheet/notice format--Mr. Martin models with introduction/engages in "think-aloud" as per "Critical Reading" questions
--quiet/independent work time
--share out

Brain Break -- The Shoe Game

Notetaking -- Exploring Online Sources/Assessing Sources (General and Online)
--share information from PowerPoint slides--MODEL--consider with own sources
--spend five minutes adding to notes
--share out (rough thesis/two pieces of information found)--peers help out (Have you considered...  What about...  Etc.)

Optional assignment:

--Find another credible source online for your argument.  Print the source.  Then, thoughtfully complete the next two pages (labeled "Source #2") of your "Sources--Critical Reading/Notes for My Argument" packet using the source.  If you complete this assignment, stay after class on Thursday to share your work with Mr. Martin.  He'll reward you for "staying ahead of the game"!