Thursday, February 28, 2013

English 9--3/5/2013

Jump Off
--Pick up the sheet entitled "Common Errors--Review/Preview" from the front table.  Read the directions and complete the task at hand quietly and independently.

S. the C.
--go over the J.O. (we will continue grammar work in class on Thursday)

--Clear your desks of all but a writing utensil in preparation for the "Dragonsong Unit--Foreword and Chapter 1 Reading Comprehension Check" assessment.

Assessment -- "Dragonsong Unit--Foreword and Chapter 1 Reading Comprehension Check" 
--complete the assessment quietly and independently--when finished, put your head down on your desk

Transition -- pick up the packet entitled "Chapter 1--Close Reading Practice/Discussion Preparation" from the front table

Instruction -- Dragonsong Chapter 1
--read the directions quietly and independently--when you've finished reading, look up
--student selected at random to clarify our purpose
--work together to deconstruct the questions/prompts--mark up a copy of the packet on the SmartBoard
--select a question for Mr. Martin to complete as a model--Mr. Martin models
--begin re-reading the novel via oral reading (rationale explained)--work on "Chapter 1--Close Reading Practice/Discussion Preparation" packet
--continue working quietly and independently
--Where should you put this?

Closure -- Whip Around
--Think of one "thing" you learned in class today.  (If you need to write your key learning down so that you don't forget, please do so!)
--Toss the ball around the classroom from one to another sharing learnings.

--Continue re-reading Chapter 1 and complete at least three of the "Chapter 1--Close Reading Practice/Discussion Preparation" packet questions.  We will have a circle discussion in class on Thursday.