Thursday, February 28, 2013

English 10 Honors--3/5/2013

Jump Off
--Take out your notebook and date the page (3/5/2013).  Then, complete a quick-write as per one of the following topics:
  • If you were present in class last time, write a "letter" to one of your absent peers (as several students were absent on Friday) explaining what was missed.
  • If you were absent last class, write a "letter" to one of your peers who was here in class describing how you spent your day. 
S. the C.
--share J.O.s (at least four)

Transition -- pick up the packet entitled "Research Skills--Our Own Research Handbook" from the front table

Writing Workshop -- "Research Skills--Our Own Research Handbook"
--preview the contents of the packet quietly and independently
--what should we take care of today?
--direct instruction as per our answer to the question above
--small groups reconvene
--outlining/meeting time

--Continue progressing through your essay--the due date is Monday, March 18th.