Friday, February 8, 2013

English 9--2/12/2013

Jump Off
--Take out any notes that you plan to use while taking the "'Trifles' Reading Comprehension Check" assessment.  Mr. Martin will be around with the assessment following attendance.
--If you are interested in/willing to play one of the characters in our "Trifles" production (George Henderson, Henry Peters, Lewis Hale, Mrs. Peters, Mrs. Hale, Mr. Wright?, Mrs. Wright?, Harry?), write your name and the character name on the index card scrap.

S. the C.

Assessment -- "Trifles" Reading Comprehension Check
--when finished taking the assessment, add any additional questions that you developed when reading "Trifles" to the front board/work on drawing the set (if you have not already done so)
--assessments collected

Activity #1 -- Creating the Set
--place items around the stage via SmartBoard--then, create the set physically

Activity #2 -- Staging a Production of "Trifles"
--assign roles (directors, actors, and investigators)
--independent work time (directors envision execution of stage directions and delivery of lines--jot down notes [divide and conquer!], actors read through and highlight stage directions/lines [bad copy--may have to write words in--Mr. Martin apologizes!], and investigators continue answering questions)
--group work time (directors put heads together and compare notes, actors read lines together, and investigators compare notes--directors and actors get together on stage and do a quick run-through)
--put on the play (time permitting)!

--We will pick right back up with "Trifles" next class.