Wednesday, February 27, 2013

English 9--3/1/2013

Jump Off
--Pick up the sheet entitled "The Facts of Pern" from the front table so that you're ready for our first activity, which will take place after the vocabulary quiz.
--Spend a few minutes studying for the forthcoming Unit #8 vocabulary quiz quietly and independently while Mr. Martin takes care of attendance.  Mr. Martin will be around momentarily with the quiz.
--Complete the vocabulary quiz quietly and independently.  Good luck!

S. the C.
--trade and grade--quizzes returned/self-reflection

Activity -- The Foreword: Close Reading/Notetaking
--first read: read-aloud (rationale explained)--get the "gist" (What does this directive mean?)--jot the gist on your index card at each of Mr. Martin's stopping points--ONLY NECESSARY IN BLOCK 4
--Transition--pick up a copy of Dragonsong from the front of the classroom/write down book numbers--ONLY NECESSARY IN BLOCK 4
--What is the gist of the Foreword?--discuss
--material analysis: "The Facts of Pern" sheet (defining our purpose for second read)
--second read: independent reading as per defined purpose
--volunteers come up to the front board and write information on the SmartBoard
--go over notes
--When finished with this activity, place this page in your binder right behind your "Mulan Connections/Novel Knowledge Search" sheet.

Brain Break -- Life with the Wright Family 

Transition -- pick up the packet entitled "Chapter 1--Close Reading Practice/Discussion Preparation" from the front table

Instruction -- Dragonsong Chapter 1
--read the directions quietly and independently--when you've finished reading, look up
--student selected at random to clarify our purpose
--work together to deconstruct the questions/prompts--mark up a copy of the packet on the SmartBoard
--begin the novel via oral reading (rationale explained)--work on "Chapter 1--Close Reading Practice/Discussion Preparation" packet
--Where should you put this?

Closure -- Whip Around
--HW assigned
--Think of one "thing" you learned in class today.  (If you need to write your key learning down so that you don't forget, please do so!)
--Toss the ball around the classroom from one to another sharing learnings.

--Begin/finish reading Chapter 1 (taking notes is highly encouraged)--a basic comprehension quiz will take place on Tuesday, 3/5.